"Sleepwalk City"

65daysofstatic's Paul Wolinski: "It was all loosely tied together and inspired by something called the Imagist manifesto, but it can probably be more accurately described as the noise equivalent of screaming into the abyss. We built an audiovisual installation at the Millennium Galleries that featured sixteen speakers, a massive P.A., and big, glitchy visuals. It ran on a loop throughout the day, creating a cloud of noise and drones in the room that you could walk through, or that sometimes swirled around you. The audio itself was a thirty minute version of a song called ‘Sleepwalk City’...."

"There’s a lot of programming and electronics on the new record, but it’s less obviously dance-based."

"I don’t think 'Wild Light' will shock people.... We just worked really hard to try and build accurate representations of those noises/shapes in our heads, put them together, and made an album. We’re really proud of it anyway."