"She's just trying to reach you..."

Protomartyr's Joe Casey: "I like allegories, fake stories, old bits of news and somewhat ridiculous imagery. The music the fellas come up with fires my brain in that way. It allows me to sing about dire things like politics, human existence and life-draining jobs without being too hectoring. Politics, like anything in life, has a way of worming its way into songs... especially since world affairs took on the smell and texture of vomit on the sidewalk as we were writing."

"Two thousand and seventeen"

"Another year gets away, another summer of love..."

The National's Aaron Dessner: "There were long stretches where we wouldn't even be thinking about when we were finishing this record. It allowed for different kinds of experiments to happen... This time, we weren't so interested in constructing a polished or elaborately tightly-knit kind of record. We allowed ourselves to have more sounds that are just hanging out there in the mist."