"Trying to remember wonderful dreams"

Οι δίσκοι που ξεχώρισα για το 2005 (χωρίς σειρά αξιολόγησης)
(Ο Steve Wynn και οι Miracle 3, ο Frank Black και οι Turbonegro με παρακάλεσαν να μην τους συμπεριλάβω στη λίστα μου.)
The Arcade fire "Funeral"
2l8 "Armed angels, frustrated youth, the art of self deceit and music industry"
Sufjan Stevens "Illinois" (ή "Illinoise", όπως γράφει το εξώφυλλο, ή "SUFJAN STEVENS invites you to: Come on feel the ILLINOISE" όπως είναι δηλαδή ο τίτλος πάνω στο cd)
Wolf parade "Apologies to the Queen Mary"
Bloc party "Silent alarm"
Sigur Ros "Takk..."
Franz Ferdinand "You could have it so much better"
Elbow "Leaders of the free world"
65daysofstatic "One time for all time"
"Demon days"
My morning jacket "Z"
Jens Lekman "Oh you're so silent Jens"
British sea power "Open season"
Xiu Xiu "La foret"
Love is all "Nine times that same song"
Okkervil River "Black sheep boy"
Spoon "Gimme fiction"
French teen idol "French teen idol"
The Decemberists "Picaresque"
Richard Hawley "Coles corner"
Super furry animals "Love Kraft"
Autolux "Future perfect"
Broken social scene "Broken social scene"
Queens of the Stone Age "Lullabies to paralyze"
Animal collective "Feels"
Broadcast "Tender buttons"
Teenage Fanclub "Man-made"
The National "Alligator"
Maximo park "A certain trigger"
Richmond Fontaine "The Fitzgerald"
Clap your hands say yeah "Clap your hands say yeah"
System of a down "Hypnotize" / "Mezmerize"
The Clientele "Strange geometry"
Matt Elliott "Drinking songs"
Bell orchestre "Recording a tape the colour of the light"
Bright eyes "I'm wide awake, it's morning"
Vashti Bunyan "Lookaftering"
Boards of Canada "The campfire headphase"

"Drove through ghosts to get here"

Ένα χρόνο μετά το αριστουργηματικό 'The fall of math' οι 65daysofstatic κυκλοφορούν το 'One time for all time'. Post rock ήχος εμπλουτισμένος με ηλεκτρονικά στοιχεία. Αν έχει ενδιαφέρον; Και το ρωτάς; Δε θα πρέπει να απουσιάζουν από καμία ενημερωμένη δισκοθήκη. Θα στοιχειώσουν το στερεοφωνικό σας!

"Suddenly comes..."

Οι Closer επιστρέφουν δισκογραφικά το νέο έτος!

Everything ends

"We've been had, you say it's over
Sometimes I'm just happy I'm older
We've been had I know it's over
Somehow it got easy to laugh out loud ..."