Nadine Shah: "I suppose 'Fast Food' is a coming of age album of sorts lyrically. Rejecting the romanticised idea of 'perfect' love and maturing in respects to relationships and accepting partners pasts. But it isn’t begging for your sympathy, it doesn’t wallow in self-pity. It’s unapologetic and, I hope, empowering.

"Retrospective memory"

"'ANTI' is confronting us with despair – pitch-black and constricting. A long cry in the darkest night, turning against the world, and baring all the frustration; seeing the end of everything, but being incapable of talking. The few lighter shades scattered over the record convey a melancholic reference to something that is already dead. A brief review, seeing the beautiful things we made, the potential of humanity, considering that an end has been reached..."

"There's no shade in the shadow of the cross"


Other Lives' Jesse Tabish: "This one was a real journey. It was a long time spent searching for a new identity, still trying to retain the past of our musical palate but also really trying to stretch ourselves into a new type of music."

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