"My world closes its eyes to sex and laughter"

Deafheaven's George Clarke: "People can enjoy the band on the music level without needing to understand the lyrics; however, I think that if your investment is strong enough, it only can enhance the listening experience. Once you delve into the themes of the record, you will enjoy it more. Because of that, we do make them readily available for people who want to invest that kind of time. But, I do understand that not everyone wants to."

"How many years have I been sleeping? How many hours did I throw away? Why does everything feel so unnamed?"

Chelsea Wolfe: "Sleep and dream issues have plagued me my whole life, and I think this was my first album where I’ve confronted it... Some of these songwriting sessions were really intense. I’d be writing lyrics and find myself physically shaking. I really felt like I had some sort of prophetic experience.

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