'Nightmare ending'

Νέες αστραφτερές μελωδίες λοξοδρομούν νοσταλγικά προς ξάστερα συναισθήματα και πανέμορφες αναμνήσεις που κρύβονταν για χρόνια στη σιωπή ξεδιπλώνονται μέσα στο χρυσοκέντητο, απέραντο ουρανό του 'Nightmare ending', του έκτου δίσκου του Matthew Cooper ως Eluvium. Σε λιγότερο από δύο βδομάδες θα νιώθουμε πλήρως την αξιοζήλευτη ζέση τους!

Eluvium - Entendre

Eluvium's Matthew Cooper: "'Nightmare ending' is both a summation and an expansion of everything that’s happened so far."

Eluvium - Envenom mettle

"When I was listening through everything, there were pieces where I would normally try to go in and change or redevelop to make it more “magical”, I guess—a kind of “suspension of disbelief” type of feeling. Some other songs would come out more clean or dreamlike... As time went on, I started to really be engaged by those imperfections. They were what made it human and beautiful; I grew attached to them. It basically became a big mental issue for me, realizing that the imperfect stuff was actually the true, perfect stuff."