'Expo 86'

"It's a lot more focused than the last one. There's a lot more energy on it, and it's hard for me to even relate it back to 'Apologies to the Queen Mary' because that album seems like a long time ago. I don't know if it's a blend of the last two records; it's definitely different from both of them. There's a lot more uptempo stuff on it than there was in the last record. But it's really dense. All the songs and arrangements are really, really dense. And it sounds like a band playing live. Parts of it are pretty noisy, too, which I'm pretty happy with. I really liked making the last record, and I felt like it was a good snapshot of where the band was at at the time we recorded those songs. But I think this one is a little more faithful to the main aesthetic behind Wolf Parade.

There's a lot of melodies going on within the songs. Not just the vocal melodies, but there's an underpinning of drums. At any given time, there's five or six counter-melodies running against each other, with the vocals kind of fighting for supremacy. I mean, if we have a sound, I think that's it."

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"We made a real point of writing everything beforehand so we'd be able to record everyone at once in the same room. Most songs have no overdubs (except vocals-- we couldn't do vocals live because of microphone bleed issues and, honestly, unfinished lyrics).
We're embracing our strengths (volume, disorganization), not trying to be fancy, not overthinking anything-- just going with our initial instincts and hoping for the best. The result was a dozen or so upbeat tunes that we all like playing."

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Wolf parade - What did my lover say? (It always had to go this way)