"Whatever turns you on, whatever gets you off"

Τις τελευταίες είκοσι μέρες, 28 bloggers συζήτησαν, σχολίασαν, ξανάκουσαν, επέκριναν, διαφώνησαν, πιάστηκαν στα χέρια, προπαγάνδισαν, επηρέασαν, συμφώνησαν, παθιάστηκαν και ψήφισαν τους αγαπημένους τους δίσκους για το 2007. Τελικά, κατέληξαν στα παρακάτω:
Νο.30 The Besnard Lakes - The Besnard Lakes are the dark horse
Νο.29 Kanye West - Graduation
Νο.27 Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - The assassination of Jesse James
Νο.27 UNKLE - War stories
No.25 65daysofstatic - The destruction of small ideas
Νο.25 Α place to bury strangers - Α place to bury strangers
Νο.24 The Callas - D.I.Y. or die
Νο.22 Bjork - Volta
Νο.22 Βeirut - The flying club cup
No.21 LCD soundsystem - Sound of silver

Νο.20 Yeasayer - All hour cymbals
Νο.19 John Maus - Love is real
Νο.18 Roisin Murphy - Overpowered
Νο.17 iLiKETRAiNS - Elegies to lessons learnt
No.16 Richard Hawley - Lady’s bridge
Νο.15 Sunset rubdown - Random spirit lover
Νο.14 Εfterklang - Parades
Νο.13 The good, the bad & the queen - The good, the bad & the queen
Νο.12 Siouxsie - Mantaray
Νο.11 Τhe Klaxons - Myths of the near future

Νο.10 Arcade fire - Neon Bible
Νο.09 Panda bear - Person pitch
No.08 PJ Harvey - White chalk
No.07 Of Montreal - Hissing fauna, are you the destroyer?
No.06 Jens Lekman - Night falls over Kortedala
No.05 Battles - Mirrored
No.04 Burial - Untrue
No.03 Feist - Reminder
No.02 Radiohead - In rainbows
No.01 The National - Boxer