"You’ve got me punk drunk, trembling, I’m moving to the space you’re in"

Wild Beasts' Hayden Thorpe: "I guess any band is a remarkable feat of human endeavour in that you function with this sort of synchronicity, you're in clockwork with one another, you hold gravity on one another. We've always been a full-blooded band and we never really wanted to compromise...
Although our stories are all individual, we all had the same love and care for what we had created. The way I see a band is as the coming together of minds and of people. If you look at our band, there was a certain sense that you couldn't take one person away and it still be intact. That's something I'm proud of.
"Punk Drunk and Trembling" was never designed to be our parting song but in many ways it's fitting because it's the most highly evolved song of all of ours. It started in fragments around the first album and it's taken the entire journey of our career to come to the fore. There's something beautiful and poignant about goodbyes and that song burns as brightly as when we first emerged."