Wild Beasts' Hayden Thorpe: "We're in that honeymoon period you get to go through every time you start making a new album because that's, in a sense, the great thing about making music, or any creative work really... To reinvent is one of the most important and invigorating things you can do, to move on and shed that old skin. We're just at the stage of enjoying that new lease of life and that release from old material..."

Έχοντας ήδη ξεκινήσει τις προετοιμασίες για τον τέταρτο δίσκο τους, οι Wild Beasts μας δωρίζουν το ακυκλοφόρητο, ατμοσφαιρικά μαγευτικό και μελαγχολικά ρομαντικό "Stray". Διακριτικοί χτύποι των drums, εξαίσιες μελωδίες στην κιθάρα, γλυκά νοσταλγικοί ήχοι στο πιάνο και η ασύγκριτα λυρική, γεμάτη ευαισθησία ερμηνεία του Hayden Thorpe για ραγισμένες κορνίζες ευτυχίας, ρακένδυτα συναισθήματα και μια άσβεστη επιθυμία για αγάπη.

Wild Beasts' Tom Fleming: "We are writing, but we're very keen to take our time, which isn't something we've ever done before. Our listening habits have got more and more electronic, but equally the real joy is making a mess in a room, amps blaring... And we always have considered the drums as the lead instrument, so maybe we can do more with that."

"Ragged and hungry, I come to your door.
Don't say that I'm not welcome anymore.

Just so you know, I've nowhere else to go.
Don't turn me away now. You're the Mecca to whom I bow..."