Shara Worden... on fire

Οχτώ τραγούδια με κοινό στοιχείο τη διαπεραστικά μαγευτική ερμηνεία της Shara Worden.

"Play the songs we sang when we buried those bones, while we explored our shipwrecks with pockets full of stones"

01. My brightest diamond - The sea ('Letters to distant cities')
02. Prefuse 73 - The only hand to hold ('The only she chapters')
03. Uphill Racer - Overfrail ('How it feels to find there's more')
04. Owen Pallet - Export 3 (The great elsewhere) ('Export [Demo EP]')
05. Colin Stetson - Lord I just can't keep from crying sometimes
('New history warfare Vol.2: Judges')
06. Sarah Kirkland Snider - This is what you're like ('Penelope')
07. Stateless - I'm on fire ('Matilda')
08. My brightest diamond - Bitty thing ('Time & space')

"We added it up” parallels politicians, lovers, and flying neutrinos. It seemed like the beginning of a collection of songs that explored things like the relationships between seemingly opposing forces, or a situation that appears to be one thing but in reality is another, our capacity to feel many emotions at once, or pondering the relationship between life and death. Like many of us, I’m asking the same old questions: what it means to be alive at this time in history, how to define meaning, how to love, how to be brave, and how to get my instruments into a small suitcase."
Shara Worden