"How've you been? I wish that I could see you now, just one more time!"

Hamilton Leithauser: "We wrote and recorded simultaneously at Rostam’s studio, so a lot of the stuff that you hear is the first take. Right when we had the idea, we’d try it and record it right then. That’s why the songs have unusual structures, because you’d put the things together right then, and for some reason that allowed us to not come up with the traditional verse-chorus-verse-chorus songs...
We both listen to tonnes of different stuff, but it seemed like we had this mutual interest in trying to capture a lot of sounds from the late 1950s and the early 1960s, like country music, doo-wop music, soul music and early rock ‘n’ roll music. It seemed like that was the sound pretty early, that that was becoming our sound."


"An introspection impregnated with minimalistic moments, where piano and cello write the story of loneliness and calm. At the same time evolving dramaturgies emerge, driven by rumbling beats, accompanied by both grim and hopeful melodies; just to be aware that irrationality gives birth to our myths and that myths, in turn, affect our very own existence."