"When the sun finally rose"

2L8 - "Armed angels, frustrated youth, the art of self deceit and music industry"

Poeta Negra

"Endless beauty"

"Υπάρχουν αλήθειες που δεν μπορείς να αρνηθείς..."

'Mr. Beast': Ένα ακόμα αριστούργημα από τους Mogwai!


"I'll be the corpse in your bathtub, useless
I'll be as deaf as a post, if you hold me like a newborn.

Whisper what you feel
My badly strong declaration, to you.
You'll spend the end of your days
Gently smiling like a newborn
Love not by degrees.

Press your lips to my eyes
Taste my tears on your tongue,
pull the blinds, play our song.
Nothings changed.
Nothing could be wrong."

Follow their traces